Don’t let the EU destroy the Internet

On 5 July 2018, the EU Parliament will vote on introducing a new copyright law which will block free content exchange on the Internet. The copyright concerns everybody (not only musicians, photographers, or movie creators), so this change will affect you as well. See how:

I am a user:

  • Your every comment will have to be mandatorily controlled before it’s published. Controversial or potentially dangerous content will be blocked.
  • Finding things interesting to you will be very difficult. Due to the payment requirement for linking, browsers and content aggregators will block access to many smaller websites.
  • Sharing content and links or creating memes may be treated as plagiarism.

I am a content creator:

  • The traffic to your website from Google or Facebook may be considerably limited.
  • If you post a review of a book, movie or game on your blog or YouTube channel and you will add a quote from e.g. the book’s cover, you will infringe on the copyright law, and the anti-piracy filters will remove your content.
  • The parody, satire, remix or even a cover that you make will not be allowed on the Internet anymore.

I run a website where users can create content (e.g. they can publish comments):

  • You must create a mechanism for detecting illegal or potentially controversial content.
  • You are responsible for all the content published by the users on your website.
  • You have to pay royalty payment to publishers for linking to them.

Don’t be passive. Fight for the free Internet.

Join the campaign #antyart13 #SaveYourInternet

How can you do it?

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This script will handle all links (A tags) which redirect to domains different than the domain of your page. If you want to customize those behaviors, you can set aa13linksSelector variable, for example for all links with myLinkClass class

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